Eucretia Waite

Executive Director

Eucretia Waite, is a proud native of Quincy, Florida. She is the former owner and Executive Director of We Are The Future Academy in Groveland, Florida. While maintaining a successful childcare center, she also coached the women’s track and field team for Southlake High school. She has graciously served as an educational leader in the Groveland/Mascotte community for over 11 years and continuously serves as the proud middle school principal of Hope Preparatory Academy since its conception. Eucretia is also the President of the Student Advisor Council (SAC) at Groveland Elementary, and a member the Kiwanis Club.

Eucretia’s degrees include a Master’s in Education Leadership from National Louis University, a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from the University of Central Florida and an Associate in Science degree in Computer Programming/Applications from Tallahassee Community College. With her studies at all three schools, Eucretia has gained experience pertaining to education, technology, health, training, and diversity.

Her hard work as a teenager, working at the Department of Banking and Finance, while balancing her responsibilities as a student athlete in college, helped her develop a great work ethic. It made her a very structured, accountable and organized person. Eucretia is well-known for going above and beyond for her family, church and community. She is very giving of her time and resources to help anyone in need. For recreation, she delights in spending time with her family and traveling. She also enjoys sports, reading, dancing, listening to jazz music and eating at different types of restaurants.

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