Student Services


Each student will be given an academic placement exam to determine a college prep academic plan of study.

Each student will be provided on-line courses in test preparation for national test exams such as SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc. which are required by most colleges.

Each student will have opportunities to identify their future career path interests and begin researching colleges who offer programs in their field of study.

Every student will be guided through the process of completing and submitting an application for admission to the school(s) of their choice.

Every student will research within their school(s) of choice all financial aid opportunities available to him/her and will make application for such financial assistance.

Every student will participate in Hope Academy’s college tour(s).


Hope Academy offers an in house tutoring program that is conducted before or after school hours in all subject areas twice a week.

Tutoring Schedule

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Each year high school students and their families are invited to meet with Hope Academy’s administrative team for the purpose of evaluating their student’s progress in terms of grades, teacher’s evaluations, test scores, student interest and short term/long term goals.


Every month, Hope Academy will host professional leaders to speak to the students regarding their respective career field. Students will have the opportunity to listen to such leaders speak about their career choices, how their faith impacted the choices they made, and share their college experiences.


We will administer the Terra Nova each year to all grades. This norm and criterion referenced assessment is used for the sole purpose of tracking academic growth. We do not utilize such a test for pass/fail purpose, thus virtually eliminating the presence of test anxiety.