High School

At HPA every aspect of our program is designed to help real students find real faith by achieving excellence in academics, leadership and service.

We provide our students with exceptional preparation by offering a rigorous college preparatory course of study and in depth personal development opportunities that empower each student to live the life God has called them to as they transition to college and career.

You can find information on our middle and high school academics below.

The high school years are a meaningful time of learning based on rigor, relevance, and relationships. HPA provides a school culture where students are encouraged and supported as they grow into young men and women of faith in Jesus Christ. We foster excellence in academics, leadership and service, equipping students to live a purposeful life to the glory of God.

In emphasizing the importance of living out Biblical principles and upholding Christian values, we enable students to exhibit behaviors that contribute to a positive school. Our classroom teachers train our students in the development of 21st century learning skills in the areas of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and problem solving.

With an understanding of the increasingly competitive global marketplace, our passionate and dedicated teachers direct efforts to educate and cultivate each student’s God given gifting and talents. Our academic course of study offers a range of options including honors level, dual enrollment (DE) and advanced placement (AP) courses. In addition to a rigorous academic program, students are able to participate in elective courses, extracurricular activities, and athletics. These options provide opportunities for students to grow into their purpose and calling in Christ.

At Hope Preparatory Academy, we are committed to building the high school experience with enriching traditions for our students and families. As we prepare them in a variety of ways to be successful and independent individuals, they will leave HPA academically ready, ethically equipped, spiritually strong, and ready to take on the challenges of the world in order to make a difference.